8600 conscripts muster out from Defence Forces, Border Guard

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A total of 8,600 conscripts including 416 women from the Defence Forces and the Border Guard mustered out into the reserve on Thursday, said Finnish Defence Forces in a press release.

A total of 6,882 conscripts mustered out into the reserve from the Army, out of whom 359 completed the voluntary military service for women while 956 people who have completed their service in the Navy mustered out, 32 of whom are women.

The number of conscripts mustered out from the Air Force was 495 and 19 of whom are women.

Of those mustered out, 278 including six women were discharged from the Finnish Border Guard.

The conscripts mustered out into the reserve having served for 347 or 165 days depending on their given training.

Conscripts with a higher number of in-service days are qualified, for instance, for leadership or readiness unit tasks, whereas conscripts with a shorter time in service have developed skills for rank and file tasks.

The conscripts discharged on Thursday were the first ones being mustered out into the reserve Finland's NATO membership.

Many conscripts have been able to practice practical cooperation with new allies and international partners.

Colonel Kari Pietiläinen, Chief of Training at the Defence Command, sent his greetings to those transferred to the reserve and highlighted the importance of the reserve in the defence of Finland even as members of NATO.

“You can congratulate yourself as the first age group to be discharged during the NATO membership. Your military service has now been completed, but your liability for military service will continue in the reserve. Finland's military defence rests on the shoulders of the reservists, and Finland's NATO membership does not change the significance of this. Even as a member of NATO, defending Finland is primarily the task of Finland and Finns,’ said Pietiläinen.

He also said that NATO membership will also have an impact on the future of the reserve. At the moment, all the impacts of membership on the training of the reserve have not yet been identified, but according to Pietiläinen, the objective is clear.

“A competent Finnish reservist who is able to work together with international troops and organisations both during exercises and, if necessary, during the crisis. If necessary, your expertise must be available to be used by the Defence Forces, and it must be maintained. In addition to the Defence Forces' refresher exercises and voluntary exercises, military capabilities can be developed in voluntary national defence courses organised by the National Defence Training Association (MPK),” Pietiläinen added.

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Source: www.dailyfinland.fi

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