Chinese dance, cuisine charm participants in Mid-Autumn Fest

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Chinese cultural performances together with Chinese authentic cuisine attracted the participants in the annual mid-Autumn festival and Gala dinner 2023 held in Helsinki recently.

People from different strata including the representatives from the Finnish Golf Association, Kytäjä Golf and Business Club, Chinese and local businesses, cultural and sports personalities joined the festival held at Zhèn Restaurant & Bar hosted by Moutai Finland on September 16.

With the theme “Shared Moonlight, Shared Beauty”, the gala also welcomed the special presence of the finalists from the Miss Finland 2023 pageant, wowed the audience with the traditional Chinese dance performances of contemplating the moonlight, while enjoying spirits and authentic Chinese cuisine.

“The idea of the event is to combine the beauty of Moutai, the traditional Chinese craftsmanship in spirits with every beauty around the world,” said Tang Chao, Chief Executive Officer of China Spirit Oy, the representative of Moutai in Finland.

To promote the theme of this year event further, the organizer also showcased the contestants from Miss Finland competition with their products in several vantages in the Finnish capital, such as the Helsinki Cathedral, Esplanadi park.

“We believed that Miss Finland’s finalists could be the story teller in promoting the international image of our products in Finland.” Chao added.

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as The Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture, which are also popular in many Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other South and South East Asian countries.

“Shared Moonlight, Shared Beauty” activity was a part of Moutai’s branding strategy which is evolving from the matured market to the emerging market with the younger audiences.

Miss Finland 2023 Finalists, Lumi Liikanen , Sofia Singh , Adelaide Botty van den Bruele, former formula 1 driver Mika Salo, professional driver Max Salo, CEO of Kytäjä Golf and Business Club Jukka Koivu, Chairman of Finnish Senior Golf Association Jouko Latvakangas, Regional Sales Manager of Valio Aimo Pham Phu Cuong, Business Development Manager of Magi CAD, Glodon Software Company Dan Lei, CEO of PowerVision Huber Hu,

Chairman of Sino-Finland Culture Association Betty Wu, Country manager of Huawei Finland Xu Guo Wang, Ma Langchao & Zhang Zhichao of BYD Finland, Zhu Ziqi of Zpark Finland, Zheng Qiong Fang, Helsinki City Culture Department, Coordinator of Chinese SpringFestival in Helsinki and Tang Chao, CEO of China Spirit Oy were present at the festival among others.

Moutai Finland has been an active organization in delivering different sports and cultural events to promote the traditional image of Chinese spirits, most prominently, four times of the Moutai Golf cup in the Arctic Circle (Santa Claus Golf), Paloheinä Golf and most recently in Kytäjä Golf.

It also founded various organizations in Restaurant and Bar industry — FBSK and Shaker magazine to organize the Moutai Cocktail Competition the 2nd time this year.

“Local customers, especially the industry professionals love Moutai not only because of a variety of events and activities in Finland, but also the quality and the uniqueness in our products.” Chao added.

Over the last four years, Moutai Finland’s events have gained popularity from also other neighboring countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


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