Demo for ceasefire in Gaza interrupts Finnish parliament session

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A group of people staged demonstration in the Finnish parliament on Tuesday demanding ceasefire in Gaza, which interrupted the session for a short while.

The audiences from the public gallery staged the demonstration during the session in the House promoting the Speaker to adjourn the session.

The protesters bearing Palestinian flags chanted various slogans such as "Stop genocide", “Free Palestine”, “ceasefire now” when the lawmakers were holding discussion on the proposed amendment to the law on student grants in the afternoon.

The security personnel rushed to the gallery and removed the protesters from there but another group of audiences from nearby place continued the demonstrations.

The second group of the protesters bearing banner with the slogan “Lopettakaa asekauppa (stop the arms trade)” were followed by another group.

The security personnel removed the agitated people from the gallery to bring the situation under control and the session was resumed after about 10 minutes.

On October 28, several thousands of people staged demonstrations at different major cities in Finland protesting against the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel.

Earlier on October 20, several hundreds of people staged a demonstration at Helsinki city centre protesting against the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

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