Espoo plans 5 new parks in greater Tapiola

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The City of Espoo is planning to set up five new parks in greater Tapiola area, said the city in a press release on Tuesday.

The new park areas began with detailed planning and will eventually continue through park plans to implementation. The process from the first land use plans to a legally valid detailed plan, the park plans, and finally, to implementation can be lengthy.

“In urban development, it is important to secure sufficient public green spaces open to all city dwellers, providing a comfortable environment near their homes or workplaces. The wider network of green spaces consists of small areas in a dense urban setting, each of which is very valuable”, said Jenny Asanti, Landscape Architect.

Two parks will be located in Northern Tapiola, in Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, with two other parks being planned further south in Niittykumpu.

On 12 April 2023, the City Planning Committee approved the objectives of the Tietäjä area located in Northern Tapiola, west of Ring I and north of Kalevalantie, also including a new local park.

Therefore, the current Spektri parking area may get a lush and cosy small park that significantly impacts the area’s attractiveness, landscapes and microclimate. The new park is also to serve as a meeting place for new and old local residents and other Espoo residents visiting the area.

The Kivimies plan represents the first steps to expand the public park areas in Otaniemi. The planning area is near the Otaniemi and Keilaniemi metro stations and the Jokeri Light Rail stop. The plans include a new Geologinpuisto park around the beautiful trees growing in the area.

A new, smaller and wooded Kivikaira local green area will be located behind the Centre for Metrology MIKES facility. The southern part of the Kivimies planning area includes a narrow and long park strip stretching along the Tutkijanpolku park walkway. The flying squirrel living in the Kivimies area has been considered in the local environment and proposed detailed plans. City planning aims at strengthening the network of local green areas in due course, also in the amendment to the local detailed plan in the Kivikaira area.

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