Finland sends wastewater treatment gears to Ukraine

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Finland sent a large amount of wastewater treatment plant equipment to Ukraine at the end of August, said the Ministry of the Interior in a press release on Thursday.

The equipment will make a significant contribution to helping Ukraine meet its water supply needs, which have grown during the summer.

In addition, Finland sent ambulances, a fire engine, 3D imaging equipment and various water supply equipment, such as pumping devices, to Ukraine in late summer.

Because Ukraine needs various supplies and equipment, Finland’s assistance is diverse. Finland is currently preparing to send a large amount of assistance to Ukraine’s energy sector as well as IT equipment and various vehicles.

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the assistance that Finland sends to Ukraine through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism together with the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre ERCC. Most of the material sent to Ukraine has been donated by private and public sector operators.

In addition to 261 truckloads of material assistance, a total of 60 vehicles, such as rescue service vehicles and buses, have been sent to Ukraine.

Finland has also provided expert assistance to support the operation of the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries and received patients in need of medical care evacuated from Ukraine.

In addition to modular housing funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the largest recipients of Finland’s aid have been the healthcare, rescue services and energy sectors, where the need for assistance has remained high for a long time. Finland has also supported Ukraine’s education sector by donating school furniture and school buses, for example. Ukraine will continue to need a significant amount of assistance in the future too.

“Russia’s war of aggression puts a constant strain on Ukrainian society. They need assistance to maintain both infrastructure and public services. Finland continues to support Ukraine and aims to respond to the need for assistance as comprehensively as possible,” said Heikki Honkanen, Senior Coordinator of the Ministry of the Interior.

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