Finnish e-prescription valid to buy medicine in Spain

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The use of Finnish electronic prescriptions in Europe is expanding and Spain is the latest country to join the scheme, said the national social insurance institution- Kela in a press release on Tuesday.

People can now purchase medicines from pharmacies in six regions in Spain using a Finnish electronic prescription in the first phase.

The regions are Aragon, Basque Country, Extremadura, The Canary Islands, Catalonia and The Community of Madrid.

Elsewhere in Spain, such as on the Costa del Sol, which is popular among Finns, preparations are still under way to implement the service.

Correspondingly, it is now also possible to buy medicines in Finland using a Spanish electronic prescription.

In addition to Spain, Finnish prescriptions are accepted in Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, and Poland.

People need to show passport or photo ID card to buy medicine from Spanish pharmacies.

The European ePrescription makes medical care easier for travellers.

The aim of the European ePrescription is to ensure continuity of care and safe medical treatment for people travelling around Europe.

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