Govt formation talks proceed as parties reach consensus on tightening immigration

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The four political parties led by Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party-NCP) on Saturday reached a consensus on immigration issue and will continue the negotiation talks on Monday with the view to form a new government.

The negotiation talks among the leaders of Kokoomus, Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party), Suomenruotsalainenkansanpuolue (Swedish People’s Party of Finland-RKP) and the SuomenKristillisdemokraatit (Christian Democrats of Finland-CD)- continued at the House of Estate following a significant development to settle down the issue of tightening immigration policy.

The issue was resolved after the RKP accepted the immigration policy agreed by three other parties with bringing few changes.

Kokoomus leader Petteri Orpo on Saturday evening told reporters that the four parties found a common ground on the immigration issue and reiterated his hope to form the new government before the midsummer.

He, however, did not disclose the changes brought to the immigration policy by the RKP.

The radical right political party Perussuomalaiset, which remained very rigid on its tightening immigration policy also accepted the changes made by RKP.

Perussuomalaiset leader Riikka Purra said that the revisions of the immigration proposal made following RKP´s demand did not make any substantive change.

Earlier in the morning, RKP decided to continue the negotiation talks to form the government with few changes to the tightening immigration policy agreed by the three other parties.

RKP leader Anna-Maja Henriksson announced the decision at a press conference in the afternoon after about a four-hour long meeting of party´s parliamentary group.

Earlier in last week, Orpo said that he was expecting a significant progress in the negotiation talks during this week to form a new government.

The four parties started the formal negotiation talks at the House of the Estate on May 2 with the view to form a four-party alliance government.

Earlier on April 27, Kokoomus Chairman Petteri Orpo announced that his party decided to hold official discussions with the radical right political party Perussuomalaiset, RKP and the CD.

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