Public transports switch to winter timetables in Helsinki

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The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (Helsingin seudun liikenne – HSL) has switched to normal winter timetables for public transport from Monday, said the HSL in a press release.

The bus services in Espoo will undergo changes, two new trunk bus routes will start operating and bus services in Siuntio will improve

The biggest changes will take place in Leppävaara and Tapiola. However, new trunk bus routes 520, Matinkylä-Martinlaakso, and 530, Matinkylä-Myyrmäki, will also have a larger impact on bus routes in Espoo.

Launching the new trunk bus routes will also cause several bus routes to change, and some of the routes will be withdrawn. In addition, the terminus of trunk bus route 550 will move from Westendinasema to Keilaniemi.

This change is made in order to prepare for the launch of the light rail line.

Public transport services improved in Siuntio already on August 10, 2023 with the introduction of 20 new weekday bus services.

There will be no major changes to any of the bus routes, but services between commuter trains and buses will improve.

The bus services in Siuntio have mainly consisted of school and service routes that passengers have been able to use with HSL tickets. In the future, the bus services in Siuntio will be operated by lower emission buses.

The bus routes in Laajasalo are scheduled to undergo changes that take effect on Monday.

The purpose of the changes to routes and headways is to meet the new demand caused by the increased number of residents in the area. Additionally, the large number of construction sites in the area have also had an impact on the matter.

These changes include, for instance, route changes for buses 84 and 88, the launch of the new bus route 87 and other smaller changes.

The autumn term starts at different times in different municipalities, which means that some of the school bus routes will switch to winter timetables already before 14 August.

There are some small changes to the neighborhood bus routes in Eastern Helsinki. As of August 10, neighborhood bus route 805 was rerouted to run via Puotila and replace route 801 that was withdrawn.

Additionally, neighborhood bus route 814 started running via Merikorttitie and Merikorttikuja in Vuosaari on August 10.

In addition, the name of the terminus for neighborhood routes 31 and 32 in western Helsinki has been changed to “Lassila” on August 14.

As several construction sites are closed, trams 2, 3 and 10 will again be able to serve their old termini. Tram 2 will again start running to Ilmala. In the future, the tram will run via Kamppi metro station instead of Mannerheimintie. The purpose of the route change in Kamppi is to improve traffic flow during the Mannerheimintie renovation project.

Additionally, tram 10 will resume its normal route to Pikku Huopalahti. As a result, tram 3 will be able to start serving its old terminus in Meilahti.

Furthermore, HSL’s first night tram 9N will start operating on weekends between Jätkäsaari and Linjat. Together, trams 9 and 9N will provide passengers with tram services almost round the clock along their route on weekends.

he metro will begin operating at a higher service frequency during peak hours in order to meet the growing passenger demand. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the metro will depart from the termini every 5 minutes, which means that the metro will run every 2.5 minutes between Itäkeskus and Tapiola. Correspondingly, the headways will be 6 and 3 minutes on Mondays and Fridays.

Having weekday timetables that change depending on the day of the week will make it possible to provide more services on the busiest days when the number of passengers is the highest.

The track renovation work is still being carried out on the Main Line, which continues to have an effect on the services of K, I and P trains operated by HSL and D, R and Z trains operated by VR.

As regards HSL’s train services, the special arrangements will last until the end of October.

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