Road mishaps kill 30 during this summer

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A total of 30 people were killed in separate road accidents in the country during this summer until Tuesday (From June 1 to July 18), said the National Police Board in a press release on Thursday.

The number is six higher compared to the stipulated period of the previous year.

Otherwise, the number of fatalities sadly remains typical when comparing to the previous years- 33 in 2021. 30 in 2020 and 27 in 2019.

By contrast, the number of intoxicated drivers involved in fatal crashes has decreased. There were four drivers under the influence of alcohol involved in crashes in June and July this year, compared to eight last year and ten in 2021.

The majority of crashes have occurred outside urban areas, as in previous summers. About 70% of the crashes occurred outside urban areas, and half of all deaths occurred in areas with speed limits between 60 and 80 km/h.

The highest number of fatalities, seven in total, in traffic occurred in the area of operation of the Central Finland Police Department. Five fatalities occurred in the areas of Häme and Southwestern Finland Police Departments. Typically, crashes have involved vehicles veering off the road (approximately 37%).

The police chose the theme “alcohol and drugs and driving health” for July of the seasonal enforcement.

The theme has been chosen for July because the number of intoxicated drivers on the road is highest during the summer.

Additionally, the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries caused by drunk driving is also the highest in the summer, especially in July. In addition, comprehensive driving health control is also carried out during control of driving under the influence.

The number of traffic fatalities caused by intoxication has been high in previous years, during the summer months in particular. Now, it seems that, it is not the case this summer.

However, the number of traffic fatalities is still too high, said the National Police Board.

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