Ukraine war can take unexpected paths, even toward nuke weapons use

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President Sauli Niinistö warned that the war in Ukraine can take unexpected directions, even toward the use of nuclear weapons.

Talking to a leading US based newspaper The New York Times in an exclusive interview published on Sunday, he also said that the war in Ukraine will last a long time.

The President said that European people need not to be satisfied over the risks of escalation of the Russia´s invasion of Ukraine.

He also that it was a serious mistake of reducing the defenses by European countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union and termed the Ukraine war as a wake-up call for Europe and NATO.

“Well, it was ringing loudly in February 2022,” he said. “But do you hear it anymore? That clearly? That might be a good question — whether all Europeans realize that this is a European issue,” said the NYT, quoting Niinistö as saying.

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